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Le Titre Du LivreThe Oxford Shakespeare: Henry V
Nombre de pages340 pages
GenreBiographies & Memoirs
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Henry v - 30 years ago I read the play and then let it slip from my repertoire. So now it is new again. I started with "A Brief Guide to William Shakespeare without the Boring bits" commentary by Peter Aykroyd, and then worked my way through three film versions. Now finally I am reading the book to see what I missed.The BBC is more complete and closer in verbiage to the original play versions. Lawerence Olivia was force to cut out much of the play because of time constraints and because of the time of the production Henry V could not look like a tyrant and they had to justify the war so it would coincide with the WWII war effort. However Kenneth Branagh, Making his directing debut, pulled out all stops. He may have missed a few lines here and there but replaced them with visuals and innuendos.This story is based on prior works but can stand alone very well as what history of Henry is needed is mentioned in the play. Henry V was a sort of playboy (probably by cunning...