[Maya Angelou] Letter to My Daughter


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Letter to My Daughter * For a world of devoted readers, here are absorbing stories and inspirational wisdom from one of our best-loved writers, Maya Angelou, author of the classic autobiography I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS, now out in paperback Full description

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Le Titre Du LivreLetter to My Daughter
AuteurMaya Angelou
Nombre de pages192 pages
EditeurVirago Press Ltd
GenreBiographies & Memoirs
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Letter to my daughter - I have always liked and respected Dr. Maya Angelou but I have never read any of her books because I hate going with the flow, in general. Nonetheless, life has taught me that sometimes those things I try so hard to stay away from, have a tendencyof reappearing in my life at some point and then I am "forced" to deal with it. This book has been the case. I have read it: (joined the flow). So, my opinion: it is a book about life lessons that Dr Angelou's acquired throughout her life and she shares with her readers in form of letters. Some readers can find use of these lessons when they put them into their own life perspective. Example letter 20 " In the Valley of Humility" evoked to me that even though one maybe a respected figure and full of knowledge as the late Dr Angelou, it is important to let yourself be used as bridge to solve or give new perspective on the existing social problem(s). And sometimes some of the letters may mean nothing to the readers because of style. In my...