[Mekhala Sengupta] Kanan Devi: The First Superstar of Indian Cinema


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This is the incredible story of Kanan Devi, one of the top stars and singers of the 1930s and 40s.Kanan Devi was not only one of the few stars to have been successful both in silent films and the talkies, she was also one of the few artists to be internationally recognized in Hollywood magazines as a gifted singer and actor, hobnobbing with the likes of Vivien Leigh.She was a woman of many dimensions: a fashionista, a producer who made many successful films in the fifties and sixties, a philanthropist for women in theatre and film-centred welfare projects, and a feminist before the word gained currency. Mekhala Senguptas well-researched account not only brings to life a fearless pioneer who fought stereotypes to live life on her own terms, but is also a loving ode to a lost era of Indian cinema.

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